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Published on 05/13/2023 11:38 by Rahul

Quality ❤️ Productivity

🤔 Internal Software Quality

Internal quality allows developers to update software and solve problems quickly, keeping users satisfied. This is because less clutter and complexity means developers can make changes more efficiently.

ESQ, ISQ & Productivity

🤔 External Software Quality

External quality pleases users, which also keeps developers productive by reducing the time they spend fixing user-reported issues.

Quality 🔗 Productivity

together they rise, together they fall

As collaboration, complication, and continuity grow, fostering a culture centered on software quality becomes more crucial than ever.

Quality & Productivity

🔖 Bookmarks

Written by Rahul

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  • 🙅 Don't automate manual tests! 🙅

    🙅 Don't automate manual tests! 🙅

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of software development, test automation has become an integral component of efficient and reliable product delivery. As teams venture into the world of test automation, a common pattern emerges - transforming existing manual tests into automated ones. This strategy, while common, is not always beneficial. Infographics, recommended readings and bookmarks in this post can guide you through the transition from manual to automation testing.

  • 🤝 Driving collaboration with Delivery Canvas 🎨

    🤝 Driving collaboration with Delivery Canvas 🎨

    The blog emphasizes the importance of Capability and Delivery in consulting and introduces the Delivery Canvas as a solution to improve collaboration and communication across teams. The visual tool promotes transparency, facilitates structured conversations, and accelerates capability-building efforts, fostering a collaborative culture within the organization.

  • 🧭 Exploring the idea of Quality Engineering

    🧭 Exploring the idea of Quality Engineering

    In this blog post, we dive into the fascinating world of Quality Engineering through a simple discovery framework. We'll examine this concept using high-level constructs such as 'Why?', 'What?', 'Where?', and 'How?', providing a thorough understanding of the importance and application of Quality Engineering in modern software development and delivery.

  • Quality ❤️ Productivity

    Quality ❤️ Productivity

    Notes and readings on the intrinsic relationship between Quality and Productivity